Monday, October 12, 2009


10 Minutes a Day:

1. Bedroom: Done!
2. Bathroom: Done!
3. Office: Nope, not today…
4. Kitchen: Done – including the top of the freezer!
5. Dining: Done!
6. Living/Craft: Nope, not today…
7. Hall: Done!
8. Stairs: Nope, not today…


Whites: Done!
(incl. uniform):

It’s in the dryer!
Rugs: Done!
Sheets: It’s in the washer!


I did find time to sketch out a bracket design…

Bracket design

…and even got much of it cut out on the scroll saw; unfortunately, my one saw blade broke about halfway through…

Broken Blade

Oh well.  I’ll go order some blades now.


Music: The Damned

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