Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting a little Out of Control!

Well, my living space is getting a little out of control again – it’s amazing how quickly it happens. 

Before I do anything though, I have to start the day off right with a nice pot of green tea in some wonderful vintage tea-ware:


1. No worries, though.  Even after a full day of clinicals, I can still put in 5 minutes instead of the usual 10:

1. Kitchen: done! 5. Hall & Stair: done!
2. Dining: done! 6. Bedroom: done!
3. Patio: done! 7. Office: done!
4. Bathroom: done! 8. Studio: done!
-> Vacuum: done!

2. Schoolwork!

I think the clinical will count as my schoolwork for the day…


…especially since Godfrey decided to force the issue…

3. Craft!

I have not been happy with the afghan I started for Hubby:

Failed Crochet

So I’m going to switch gears completely.  Same color scheme, but instead I’ll use a bastardized Granny square, loosely following the instructions at Lion Brand 8-color Afghan.  I played with it a little tonight, but didn’t get enough finalized that was worthy of a picture.  I’ll be sure to post one once I’m happy with it…

Off to bed now – I’ve got an early start in the morning…


Listening to: "Plan 9 Channel 7" by The Damned

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Custom Fabrics Galore!!!

Spoonflower is a site where you can print custom fabrics as well as purchase fabrics that others have designed.  It’s wonderful!  Not cheap, but wonderful nonetheless…

Now I’m all inspired to make some lined garments, just for an excuse to have fun, unique linings for a little suprise…

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Garden clean-up

Our garden is slowly getting put to bed for the winter and we made another big dent in it today.  Mom rode around in the mower and mulched all the leaves that have coated the grounds and I continued to clean out and layer the beds.

First, a pile of composted goat poop from our three goats.  Beautiful stuff.  Then a layer of half-composted chicken poop from a local poultry grower.  Finally, a thick layer of finely chopped leaves…


We are also attempting to overwinter our artichoke plant by burying it under a big pile of mulched leaves.  We’ll see how it works out – I’d love it if the plant would survive!


This morning  I also got another bucket of parsley cut.  Mom said she wanted parsley, so I grew her parsley!  We’ve had three or four cuttings from what I planted, and I’m hoping to get one more before winter really hits and kills it.  We’ve got enough dried for a couple of years, I think…



I’m not sure what else I’ll get accomplished today since I have to do some studying and I’ve got to be up early (4:30am!) for a 24-hour shift tomorrow.  It’s been a good, productive day, though!  I’m on a roll…

(Listening to: "The Root Of All Evil" by Abney Park)

Friday, November 6, 2009

An entire day!

This is a thrilling, rare experience – an entire two days OFF! 

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’ve got tons to do.  It’s a great opportunity to get caught up on some schoolwork for one thing. But I simply refuse to let this beautiful fall day go by without enjoying it a little bit.

1. 10 Minutes a Day!

1. Bedroom: done! 5. Studio: done!
2. Bathroom: done! 6. Hall & Stairs: done!
3. Kitchen: done! 7. Patio: done!
4. Dining: done! 8. Office: done!
--> Reorganize CDs: DONE DONE DONE!!!

I have added a new region to my 10MaD – the patio.  Until winter hits, it could use some daily attention, too.

2.  Craft: Toiletry Bag

I’ve gotten pretty tired of having loose toiletries floating all over my suitcase (yes, I use a real, vintage suitcase) when I go out on my 24 hour shifts.

I used this tutorial from as a guideline for making a new toiletry bag. The square shape in the tutorial wasn’t appealing to me, so I went ahead and let it have the angled sides that naturally occur when you use a simple rectangle for a pattern.  The fabric is stuff I have had laying around for years – and it worked beautifully for this project.



The tutorial is fantastic – I only got confused when I tried to not follow the directions (though I still don’t really know what she means when she said to “pivot” at the zipper).  But it’s okay – it worked out in the end and didn't even take very long.


3. Fix the Sun!

Oh my gosh, I did it!  I finally fixed my wonderful, beautiful sun.

Mom gave me this pillow many, many years ago.  20? 25 years?  I don’t remember.  He’s a beautiful hand painted sun with his eyes open on one side and closed on the other. 

He got this little hole a long time ago – at least 15 years ago – and only tonight did I get around to fixing him.  I love him so much and can’t wait to get him hung up.


Can you believe he’s been sitting in this sad little plastic bag for more than 15 years?

tiny repair

And all because of this little, bitty hole.  I was so terrified of it getting bigger that I just put him away…


And of course it took all of 10 minutes to get that little hole mended. Now he’s sitting on my side table waiting for me to install a hanger in the ceiling. It’s so good to have him back!!!

It’s been a good day.  I guess I’m on the right track…

Monday, November 2, 2009

Falling behind – Catching up

Getting a little behind in some of my obligations, so I will be focusing a little more on the work and a little less of the fun for a while…

1. 10 Minutes a Day!

1. Bedroom: done! 5. Bathroom: done!
2. Office: done! 6. Studio: done!
3. Kitchen: done! 7. Hall (5): done!
4. Dining: done! 8. Stairs (5): done!

--> Sewing desk: done!!!

2. Schoolwork!

Got my 12-lead views with their reciprocals memorized.  It’s a start!

3. Project!

Alas, no project today.  But I did get to go to dinner with Mom and Stepdad and I haven’t done that in a long, long time.  We’ll count that as today’s project, how’s that? 

Good night!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Plant tags/markers out of soda cans!

I only have a short time today, so I decided that a quick and dirty project would be just the thing.

Some time ago I saw this great idea for plant markers made out of soda cans.  Last year I made several and they were adorable.  Unlike the ones in that link, I made them larger, punched a hole in the top, then attached them to think wire that I curled and made into stakes.  They truly were wonderful – I wish I had pictures of them!

So I’ve been collecting soda cans (I don’t drink soda often) and today I started prepping them. 

So here’s Godfrey watching over my preparations. I have a boatload of aluminum cans, all washed. I’d already taken the tops off of several some time ago, but you can see the can opener there waiting for the rest. 


Once the tops are off, then I cut off the curved edge on top and on the bottom, leaving me with a flat sheet of aluminum. Be sure you use kitchen shears to cut that metal – it will dull a regular pair of scissors before you know it!

Here’s as far as the prep work got today.  There are a few sample finished tags there, but that’s all that will be done until we get started with our spring garden and I know what we’ll be planting.


And look what I just found!  This person is using scrapbooking craft punches to fancy things up a bit.  I love this idea and will certainly be using it!

It’s the little things in life!