Saturday, November 7, 2009

Garden clean-up

Our garden is slowly getting put to bed for the winter and we made another big dent in it today.  Mom rode around in the mower and mulched all the leaves that have coated the grounds and I continued to clean out and layer the beds.

First, a pile of composted goat poop from our three goats.  Beautiful stuff.  Then a layer of half-composted chicken poop from a local poultry grower.  Finally, a thick layer of finely chopped leaves…


We are also attempting to overwinter our artichoke plant by burying it under a big pile of mulched leaves.  We’ll see how it works out – I’d love it if the plant would survive!


This morning  I also got another bucket of parsley cut.  Mom said she wanted parsley, so I grew her parsley!  We’ve had three or four cuttings from what I planted, and I’m hoping to get one more before winter really hits and kills it.  We’ve got enough dried for a couple of years, I think…



I’m not sure what else I’ll get accomplished today since I have to do some studying and I’ve got to be up early (4:30am!) for a 24-hour shift tomorrow.  It’s been a good, productive day, though!  I’m on a roll…

(Listening to: "The Root Of All Evil" by Abney Park)

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