Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting a little Out of Control!

Well, my living space is getting a little out of control again – it’s amazing how quickly it happens. 

Before I do anything though, I have to start the day off right with a nice pot of green tea in some wonderful vintage tea-ware:


1. No worries, though.  Even after a full day of clinicals, I can still put in 5 minutes instead of the usual 10:

1. Kitchen: done! 5. Hall & Stair: done!
2. Dining: done! 6. Bedroom: done!
3. Patio: done! 7. Office: done!
4. Bathroom: done! 8. Studio: done!
-> Vacuum: done!

2. Schoolwork!

I think the clinical will count as my schoolwork for the day…


…especially since Godfrey decided to force the issue…

3. Craft!

I have not been happy with the afghan I started for Hubby:

Failed Crochet

So I’m going to switch gears completely.  Same color scheme, but instead I’ll use a bastardized Granny square, loosely following the instructions at Lion Brand 8-color Afghan.  I played with it a little tonight, but didn’t get enough finalized that was worthy of a picture.  I’ll be sure to post one once I’m happy with it…

Off to bed now – I’ve got an early start in the morning…


Listening to: "Plan 9 Channel 7" by The Damned

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