Thursday, October 1, 2009

Daily recap

1. 10 Minutes a Day + Laundry
- Done: Bathroom
- Done: Bedroom
- Done: Kitchen
- Done: Dining
- Done: Living/craft
- Office
- Hallway
- Stairs

Since I had already done so much on my last 10 Minutes a Day, I was able to scrub the bathtub and clean the outside of the fridge doors! All within the allotted time! That's pretty nifty and it sure feels good.

2. Schoolwork
Got what I need to do done, but didn't get to review or move ahead. This semester is kicking my tail.

3. Fix The Sun
Well, I didn't get to the sun, but I did get several sweaters washed for the sweater pillows. Forgot to take before pictures though...doh! But that's a fair trade.

Not bad! I'll give the day a B+.

Love to you all,

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