Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fundraiser in memory of Cpl. Parker, East Point Police Department

One of the things I love about living here is the incredible sense of community. I've lived all over this country, from coast to coast, and have never experienced anything like this before. If you get sick, there will be ten people on your doorstep with lasagnas (or whatever). If you need a ride to the airport, or if you need to borrow a tool, a saw, or just an extra pair of hands all you've got to do is jump on Facebook and ask.

We also have an incredible police department. These men and women are some of the most professional, kind, and hard working people I've ever met, and considering that I work in public safety myself I feel well qualified to say that.

A couple days ago, one of our best officers was found dead in her home, the victim of a crime. The department is suffering greatly for this loss, and we are grieving with them.

I've created a fundraiser in memory of Cpl. Parker, and am working to raise money to accomplish three things: a floral wreath at her funeral from the citizens of East Point, a donation to a charity of the family's choice in her name, and a catered meal for the men and women on duty on the day of her funeral. They are going to have a long, difficult day and I think that will be a way to show our support that will touch them individually.

The fundraiser is through Pitchinbox.com, a website I've used before for successful fundraising, and I trust them. Their interface is VERY basic, but they also don't charge any fees. If you have any desire to donate, I would appreciate it. I must make the disclaimer that I am not a non-profit or any type of business, and I will do my best to allocate the donated funds in a fair and appropriate manner. All funds raised will go toward this effort, minus the fee that Paypal charges me to use them. None of this money will be for my personal use.

Here is the widget. It will take you to a gateway page which will then take you to Paypal. Remember, although the gateway page appears extremely basic, it *IS* trustworthy. 

Additional note: you will get a notification that the payment went to Chelsea Smith. This is not an error. That is the name the account is under.

If you cannot see the widget, go to 

August 13, 2013: FOLLOW UP

I apologize for not updating the blog with how the fundraiser worked out, but it has been a very busy month with another tragedy that has taken my time and energy.

The result of our fundraising effort was a mindblowing $2655 which allowed us to meet all three of our goals far beyond the basics I was anticipating. Here's a breakdown of how the money has been allocated:

A gorgeous funeral wreath from Peachtree Petals which they gave to us at cost.

A fully catered funeral repast for the East Point Police Department officers and Cpl. Parker's family. If it hadn't been for this fundraiser, there would have been no reception of any kind. I can tell you that the officers and family were incredibly touched, and several were crying. I got more hugs and thanks than I can count, and I would like to pass that love on to everyone who donated.

A donation to a charity of the family's choosing. Note that the family has not yet decided on a charity, and I am holding the money until they inform me of their choice. Hopefully it will not be much longer.

Incidental expenses including reimbursement for fuel to pick up donated drinks from Pepsi/Gatorade, plates and serving utensils, tablecloths, etc.

A recalled donation from someone who says the donation was not authorized.

None of this accounts for all of the hard work from others involved, including several folks from the EPPD, the Blue Knights, the East Point First Mallaliu United Methodist Church who hosted an absolutely beautiful and touching funeral, Pepsi and Gatorade for their donations, several neighbors and Council member Sharonda Hubbard who helped set up and serve at the repast, and I'm sure others who I am neglecting to mention. And I most certainly want to thank everyone for your support during this difficult time. You all helped turn a tragedy into something beautiful, a true celebration of Cpl. Crystal Parker's life. You have renewed my faith in humanity and community.


  1. I know Nathan personally, and will vouch for her integrity. She is one of the most up-standing people I have met and call a friend. Please donate today to this fund, so we can express as a community, how we truly feel about Cpl. Parker and the EPPD.

  2. I agree with Nancy whole heartedly.

  3. What a selfless thing to do Nathan and we appreciate the opportunity you've afforded us to contribute. Stay well.

  4. You all are so sweet. I am just glad that I have been able to facilitate such an amazing outpouring of love from the community. Cheesy, but true.

  5. Thanks to TACO PETE for their donation of Gloves at a minutes notice!!! They were a huge help to the catering company and to all us volunteers!!!

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