Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January doldrums.

Atlanta, as most have heard by now, is at a standstill due to poor planning and resources and weather events that we are simply not used to.

Fortunately we are home, safe and comfortable. None of the animals quite know what to make of this cold, white stuff on the ground. The wild birds have even had quite a rough time trying to figure out where they can safely land and you can almost see the surprise on their little faces when they hit the snow. The doves are the most comical of all, coming in to land then thinking twice, then three times, then veering off to the one bare edge of the garage roof.

Today's been a mash up of activity now that I am finally recovering from a cold that has been hanging on for over a week. It is incredible how far behind you can get in daily chores when ill. I can't imagine how hard it would be if we had children instead of (or in addition to) animals.

So, the chickens have had fresh water brought out to them, the birdfeeders have been refilled, almond meal has been made from the remains of my almond milk-making, and homework is getting trudged through. Counters are getting wiped down and laundry is getting done.

Now lets go eat some lunch.

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