Saturday, January 1, 2011

The start of a beautiful new year…

the two of us
I made a change to my thought process regarding the oncoming new year. I decided that instead of focusing on all of the things I hope to accomplish in the new year, I will focus on all of the things I DID accomplish in the old one.  Its funny how changing ones viewpoint on something so seemingly small causes massive positive repercussions throughout my world.
No, I did not lose all my weight and get in shape.
But I did:
* become a Paramedic
* become a homeowner
* go to Italy with my mom – a dream we’ve had for 10 years.
* move to Atlanta
* get a puppy
* get egg-layer chickens
* raise, and process, meat chickens. From day old chick to the roasting pan. Delicious, and a joy.
* become a much happier, healthier, positive person
* enjoy a blossoming of my relationship with my husband. We are closer now than ever before in our 15 year history.
* meet some incredible people that I am proud to call friends, and reconnect with some friends that I hadn’t seen in well over a decade.
It would be ridiculous to look back at 2010 and not be proud of all the accomplishments. And this doesn’t even take my husband’s massive accomplishment into account; he went back to Berkeley to present his thesis, and is now a full fledged PhD. I am so incredibly proud of him.
And I didn’t completely miss my goal…my weigh in on Friday put me down almost eleven pounds, and my fitness level is much better than it was. I am doing it, and that’s what matters.
So this year I’ve decided to make one huge goal for myself, one that is shared by my husband and that will have a ripple effect thoughout our lives.
My plan is to pay off our debts…everything except the mortgage.
And I even have a plan B. If it takes two years, I will be fine with that, but we are going to do everything in our power to get it done in one.
Its going to be a wonderful year.

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  1. This is an AMAZING list! 2010 has been a remarkable year, and you've already done more than most people do in their lifetimes. May I add that I am feeling closer to you and love and appreciate having such a creative, strong, and vibrant sister. I love you!