Tuesday, September 29, 2009

10 Minutes a Day

The very first project in a couple of different ways.

This project is based on FlyLady.net's method of cleaning and organizing. I followed the program several years ago - they were still pretty new - so I'm not sure how the system has evolved. I do know the basics, and I know it's effective.

As a project person, as well as a full time employee and full time student, my house is a wreck. It's usually the last thing I want to worry about even though I know it should be the first. I hate "living in chaos" as flylady puts it, but I never feel like I have the time to do otherwise.

The point of the system is to break the chore of housekeeping in small, managable bites. Very gradually you get things in order, gradually you see improvements. It's not a huge undertaking and you aren't expected to DO IT ALL RIGHT NOW which is how I usually feel.

So I'm going to apply this concept to everything. And I'm starting with my house.

Here's how it works:

1. You are only allowed to spend 10 minutes cleaning each room EVERY DAY.

2. One cleaning component per day does not fit into that 10 minutes, but it shouldn't take longer than an additional 5-10 per room, if that.

I'm starting in the kitchen. I set the timer for 10 minutes and did everything I could do within that time. I did not rush, I did not expect to get it all done. And I didn't. Though I seem to have made a greater dent than I expected to.

Today, my major job is mopping. We have tile floors everywhere except the bedrooms. For these floors I have to soak them, then come back later to mop it up.

So I do need to get a lot of school work done today before class. So here's the plan:

- 10 minute cleaning of a room
- 5-10 minute soaking of the floor
- 50 minutes studying
- 5-10 minute mopping up the floor
- repeat

Done for today:
- done: Kitchen
- done: Dining
- Living
- Hall
- done: Bathroom
- done: Office
- done: Bedroom
- Stairs

Love to you all,

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